Hoco 20W 20000mAh PC QC Power Bank w LED Display


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Experience unparalleled convenience and reliability with the Hoco J102A Power Bank, a 20W, 20000mAh powerhouse that ensures your devices stay charged wherever you go. With a 74Wh lithium polymer battery, this power bank delivers a high-performance charge while maintaining a compact and portable form.

The Hoco J102A features multiple input options including Micro USB (5V-2.0A, 9V-2.0A, 12V-1.5A 18W) and Type-C (5V-2.4A, 9V-2.0A, 12V-1.5A 18W) ports, both supporting QC, FCP, and AFC. It also boasts versatile output options with USB (5V-3.0A, 9V-2.0A, 12-1.5A 18W) and Type-C (5V-2.4A, 9V-2.22A, 12V-1.67A 20W) ports, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.

The power bank’s total output of 5V-3.0A allows for efficient charging, while the LED digital display keeps you informed about the remaining power. Encased in an ABS+PC flame retardant housing, the Hoco J102A is not only durable but also safe for everyday use.

Measuring just 149_71_28mm and weighing 418g, this power bank is the perfect travel companion, effortlessly fitting into your bag or pocket. Choose the Hoco J102A Power Bank for a reliable, efficient, and versatile charging solution.

High-capacity 20000mAh, 74Wh lithium polymer battery
20W fast charging capability
Multiple input and output options (Micro USB, Type-C)
Supports QC, FCP, AFC, and PD charging protocols
LED digital display for power status
Durable ABS+PC flame retardant housing
Compact and portable design

Model: J102A
Display: LED digital display power
Material: ABS+PC flame retardant housing
Capacity: 20000mAh, 74Wh
Battery Type: Lithium polymer battery

Micro USB: 5V-2.0A, 9V-2.0A, 12V-1.5A 18W (QC, FCP, AFC)
Type-C: 5V-2.4A, 9V-2.0A, 12V-1.5A 18W (PD, QC, FCP, AFC)

USB: 5V-3.0A, 9V-2.0A, 12-1.5A 18W (QC, FCP, AFC)
Type-C: 5V-2.4A, 9V-2.22A, 12V-1.67A 20W (PD, QC, FCP, AFC)
Total Output: 5V-3.0A

Dimensions: 149 x 71 x 28 mm
Weight: 418 g




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