Urban 15W PD Fast Charging Wall Charger 5V 9V 12V
Urban 15W PD Fast Charging Wall Charger 5V 9V 12V
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Urban 15W PD Fast Charging Wall Charger 5V 9V 12V

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The Urban 15W PD Fast Charging Wall Charger is a compact and efficient device designed to rapidly charge your electronic devices. It is equipped with the latest Power Delivery technology, which enables it to provide a higher wattage output, resulting in faster charging times compared to traditional chargers.

Power Delivery (PD) Technology: PD technology allows the charger to communicate with the connected device and provide the optimal power level for charging. This means your device can receive the fastest and safest charging speed it can handle.
High Wattage Output: With a 15W power output, this charger can deliver a substantial amount of power to your devices, enabling them to charge quickly. This is particularly beneficial for devices that support fast charging, such as smartphones, tablets, and some laptops.
Universal Compatibility: The charger is designed to work with a wide range of devices, thanks to its compatibility with various USB enabled devices. It can charge smartphones, tablets, wireless earbuds, cameras, and more.
Compact and Portable: The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry the charger with you wherever you go. This makes it a convenient accessory for travellers, students, professionals, and anyone who needs a reliable charger on the go.
Safe Charging: The charger is built with safety features like over-current protection, over-voltage protection, and temperature control. These mechanisms help prevent overheating and ensure a safe charging process for your devices.

Model: S42A03
Input: 100-240~50-60Hz 0.5A
Output: USB A
Output Voltage: 5V – 1.5A, 9V – 1.5A, 12V – 1.1A


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