SmartHealth Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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Elevate home health management with the SmartHealth Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. Effortlessly track blood pressure trends at home with its intuitive one-button operation and adjustable cuff accommodating various arm sizes (22cm to 32cm).

Featuring intelligent oscillometric technology, it guarantees accurate readings, while the LCD screen ensures easy readability. Store up to 99 sets of readings for multi-user households, and enjoy the historical storage function for comparison.

Compliant with WHO classification, it provides insights into health implications. Battery-powered or USB-compatible, this monitor offers convenient flexibility. Take control of your well-being with SmartHealth’s precise, user-friendly blood pressure monitor.

Key Features:
Intuitive Operation: Effortlessly check blood pressure trends at home with a single button press.
Adjustable Arm Cuff: Accommodates upper arm circumferences from 22cm to 32cm, ensuring precise readings and comfort.
Intelligent Oscillometric Technology: Guarantees accurate and reliable blood pressure measurements.
Clear LCD Display: Easy-to-read screen presents measurements in both kPa and mmHg.
Extensive Storage: Store up to 99 sets of readings for multi-user households and track historical data.
WHO Classification: Adheres to World Health Organization standards for accurate interpretation.
Battery or USB Powered: Use 2x 1.5V AAA batteries (Not Included) or USB power (adapter not included) for flexibility.
Automatic Power Off: Conserves energy by turning off after 1 minute of inactivity.

Storage for up to 99 sets of readings, making it perfect for households with multiple users
Conforms to the recognized WHO blood pressure classification
Adjustable arm cuff catering to 22cm to 32cm upper arm circumferences
Utilizes intelligent Oscillometric measurement technology
Range: 0 kPa to 37.3 kPa (0 mmHg – 280mmHg)
User-centric LCD screen for effortless reading
Accuracy: +/- 3mmHg (+/- 0.4kPa)
Impressive resolution of 0.1 kPa
Automatic power-off function after 1 minute of inactivity
Powered by 1.5V (AAA size) *2PCS batteries (not included)
USB power option available (adapter not included)




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